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SERVICE CONTRACT AWARD NOTICE: Communications Officer for the REDD+ Readiness Project


Communications Officer for the REDD+ Readiness Project

Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize C.A. 


1. Publication reference 

P152415/ TF018492 – REDD+/SER/005C 


2. Publication date of the Request for Expressions of Interest 

20th November 2020 


3. Lot title 

Communications Officer for the REDD+ Readiness Project 


4. Procedure 

Individual Consultant 


5. Number and Names of applications received 

Six (6) 

1.) Roneisha Gentle, Belize City, Belize 

2.) Stacey Tewes, Belmopan City, Cayo District 

3.) Kamisha Shaw, San Ignacio Town, Cayo District 

4.) Andre Marsden, Belmopan City, Cayo District 

5.) Ingrid Fernandez, Belmopan City, Cayo District 

6.) Phylicia Pelayo, Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District 


6. Name of candidate (awarded) 

Ingrid Fernandez 


7. Price Offered 

BZ $2,727.28 per month 


8. Scope of the contract awarded 

i. Develop and implement REDD+ Communication Strategy; 

ii. Produce Press Releases as necessary; 

iii. Host multiple consultations/workshops 

iv. Produce Educational and Information Materials 

e.g. Posters, brochures, newsletters etc. 


9. Reasons for rejecting other applicants 

– applications were not considered to satisfy the professional/technical capacity criterion 


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