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Award Notice: Technical Officer Consultancy BLZ-RS-003 – GCFReadiness/Ser/001


Technical Officer Consultancy 


1. Publication Reference 

BLZ-RS-003 – GCFReadiness/Ser/001 


2. Publication Date for the Request of Expression of Interest 

31st January 2020 


3. Consultancy Title 

Technical Officer – Climate Change


4. Procedure 

Individual Consultant Selection (ICS) 


5. Number and Name of Applications received 

Six (6) 

1. Diana Mai 

2. Jeffy Gomez 

3. Karishma Misir 

4. Denaie Swasey 

5. Celeste Sosa 

6. Carlos Itza 


6. Name of Candidate Awarded 

Denaie Swasey 


7. Price Offered 

USD $25,000.00 per annum 


8. Scope of the contract awarded 

Design potential projects/programs that can qualify for climate finance grants from the GCF, Adaptation Fund and other climate financing sources available to PACT; and which are aligned with country priorities, strategies, and needs on climate change. 

– Aiding in the preparation of project concepts and/or proposal packages including all supporting documents such as consultation reports and environmental, social, and gender assessments 

– Facilitate and provide support where necessary for the successful execution of training activities and awareness sessions 

– Manage technical feedback/comments from stakeholders and donors and ensure they are reflected in the proposal package 


9. Reasons for Rejecting Other Applicants 

Applicants were not considered to satisfy the required technical capacity criterion. 


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