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Award Notice – Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute Manuals MCCAP/WB/CS-53

Service Contract Award Notice

Publication Reference: MCCAP/WB/CS-53

Contract Sign Date 23 August 2019

Lot title: Develop Institutional Governance Manuals for the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute

Name of Candidate (Awarded) Dr. Vindell Kerr of GovStrat Limited

Number & name of applications received
1) Martin Cuellar, San Ignacio, Belize
2) Dr. Vindell Kerr of GovStrat Limited, Kingston Jamaica
3) Kiri Lizama, Belize City, Belize
4) Lloyd Jones, Lords Bank, Belize
5) Carlos Itza, Belize
6) Praxi5, Belize City, Belize

Price Offered USD $67,200

Scope of the contract awarded
Develop Manuals for the three levels of the institution that would allow for the strengthening and optimal implementation of its governance mandate for ICZM in Belize. Specifically, under this consultancy, manuals will be developed for: (i) CZMAI Board of Directors and (ii) CZM Advisory Council. A revision and update of the CZMAI Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (1999).

Reasons for rejecting other applicants

Applicants were not considered to satisfy the professional/technical capacity criterion.

For details, click on the image below to download full pdf document.

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