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Register Now for PACT’s Enforcement Award Program 2019!


The PACT Incentive Award Program is designed to recognize rangers for the efforts within conservation and to award co-managers that have made vast improvements, internally and within protected areas

The winning ranger team will receive a BZ$5,000 cash prize to be distributed equally among team members.

The associated NGO will be awarded a BZ$20,000 cash prize to support the mission of the organization.

In addition, the rangers from the winning NGO will be prioritized to receive capacity development
opportunities under PACT’s Capacity Development Program.

Registration is now open.  

Deadline for Submission of Applications is November 4, 2019. 


An e-copy of the completed application form and participants dossier must be submitted to no later than 5:00p.m. Monday November 4, 2019. 

For more information on PACT eligibility details, application forms or more general information, contact PACT’S Monitoring Officer:

Monitoring Officer, PACT 
#3 Mango Street, City of Belmopan
Phone: +(501) 822 3637 OR by email: 


Download Application Form and Participants Dossier, below:

PACT Enforcement Incentive Award Program 2019 Application Form

PACT Enforcement Incentive Award Program 2019 Participants Dossier_2.0


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