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Monitoring and Protection of the Headwaters of Chiquibul Forest

Beneficiary:         Friends for Conservation and Development

Funds Awarded: $199,945.80

Project Location: Chiquibul National Park

Summary:           The headwaters of the Belize River, which originate from within the Chiquibul are being degraded as a result of ongoing illegal gold panning.  The Chiquibul River provides water to roughly 40% of Belize’s population making the conservation and protection of these headwaters very important.  Over the course of a year and a half, the overall goal of this project is to promote the conservation of water resources in the Chiquibul Forest through sustained enforcement, ecosystem monitoring and public outreach and awareness.  A joint enforcement effort will be maintained by Friends for Conservation and Development, Belize Defence Force and police in two southern conservation posts and a nationwide public outreach campaign will be launched on the importance of the Chiquibul watershed.

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