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Environmental Education and Water Quality Monitoring Management Plan and Business Plan Development for the Billy Barquedier National Park

Beneficiary:         Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA)

Funds Awarded:               $59,994.60

Project Location: Stann Creek Valley (Valley Community, Steadfast, Alta Vista)

Summary:           The Billy Barquedier National Park is a community based organization that works to protect the natural resources of North Stann Creek and Mullins River Watersheds.  The aim of this project is to implement key components of the Billy Barquedier National Park (BBNP) Management Plan including environmental education, water and biodiversity monitoring and the development of a business plan to address sustainability.  Over the course of the project STACA will work with communities to build community involvement and awareness of the vital role of the national role through an environmental education program as well as complete assessments of the habitat, fish and invertebrates of the Billy Barquedier sub-watershed.

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