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Through Project Grants, PACT provides funding for activities which establish, operate, maintain, and enhance protected areas in Belize.


Through Project Grants, PACT provides funding for activities which establish, operate, maintain, and enhance protected areas in Belize.

Project Grants


Project Grants currently include Single and Multiple Grant types. Areas eligible for funding under the multiple and single investment categories include: institutional and governance strengthening; financial sustainability and resource mobilization; protected areas management plans and any other systems/mechanisms/activities necessary to meet co-management agreement requirements. Applicants can apply for both core and non-core costs. Up to twenty percent (20%) of overall program/project core costs can be funded through PACT. Core cost refers to what is spent on staff and the operations of the organization. Core costs include: utilities; rent; salaries; fuel; office supplies; maintenance of office equipment; administrative maintenance and janitorial services. Non-core costs refer to what is spent on persons outside of the organization and can include: consultancies; business plans; marketing; management; institutional and management training for NGOs, CBOs, Board of Directors and senior managers.

Secondary activities that may also qualify for funding include: protected areas management and conservation; protected areas promotion and development; environmental education and awareness/outreach and community development around protected areas. Co-financing is a requirement for all grant types.



Environmental Support


PACT’s Environmental Support Grants provide funding to community based groups, organizations, associations and schools towards the creation of summer camps and activities that are aimed at environmental education and awareness. Maximum funding allotment is BZ$ 10,000.




Single Category Grants


Single category grants are available to a single applicant with a maximum funding envelope of BZ$ 100,000.



Multiple Category Grants


Multiple category grants are available to three or more combined applicants/co-managers with a central project aim. The maximum funding envelope is BZ$ 400,000.



Extraordinary Funding


The Extraordinary Funding Grant types refers to any request outside of the investment/grant cycle. An Extraordinary Funding request must be for a period of no more than one year (12 months).
Owing to the competitive grants application process, the application package must include:

    • A document detailing the reason/s for the request, what is being requested, a budget and work-plan, and a cover letter. The most recent institutional assessment report, if available, can also be submitted.



A Sustainability Plan must supplement an application package in order to qualify for Single, Multiple and Extraordinary Support Grants. Sustainability plans should include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Explanation of how the remaining eighty percent (80%) of the Core Cost will be financed;
  • Donor Commitment letter(s);
  • Clear deliverables and outputs; and,
  • Explanation or submission of a “post extraordinary funding” financial sustainability plan or strategy. In the case of Community Based Organizations, the sustainability plan or strategy refers to documented evidence from the organization that it will be able to remain functional and operational after it has exhausted the PACT’s funding.