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PACT offers grants under two categories namely, Project Grants and Capacity Building Grants.


PACT offers grants under two categories namely, Project Grants and Capacity Building Grants.



The Trust was established in 1996 for the sole purpose of financing conservation efforts in Belize’s protected areas. PACT, with the passing of the 2015 amendment act is now responsible for the financing and management of the entire National Protected Areas System (NPAS) . The NPAS is comprised of 103 individual sites and is one of the most diverse throughout the region and includes nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments, and national parks. Co-financing on the part of the requesting organization is a requirement and leveraging is encouraged; up to twenty percent (20%) of overall program/project core cost can be fundable through PACT.

Currently there are five (5) board categories of funding available. They include: Environmental Support; Extraordinary Funding; Capacity Building; Multiple; and Single Category Grants.

Read more about available categories.

  • Capacity Building

    Capacity Building

    These grant types were established to enable administrative and technical staff, and decision-makers of eligible organizations to attend short-courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, or symposiums that are designed to strengthen their capacities to more effectively and efficiently manage Belize’s natural resources and protected areas. Read More
  • Multiple Category

    Multiple Category

    Multiple category grants are available to three or more combined applicants/co-managers with a central project aim. The maximum funding envelope is BZ$ 400,000. Read More
  • Single Category

    Single Category

    Single category grants are available to a single applicant with a maximum funding envelope of BZ$ 100,000. Read More
  • Extraordinary Funding

    Extraordinary Funding

    The Extraordinary Funding Grant types refers to any request outside of the investment/grant cycle. An Extraordinary Funding request must be for a period of no more than one year (12 months). Read More
  • Environmental Support

    Environmental Support

    PACT’s Environmental Support Grants provide funding to community based groups, organizations, associations and schools towards the creation of summer camps and activities that are aimed at environmental education and awareness. Maximum funding allotment is BZ$ 10,000. Read More
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Learn more about areas of funding and eligibility criteria below.


  • Primary and Secondary Funding Areas +

    Primary activities include core costs of up to 20% and green oriented infrastructure projects within protected areas consistent with approved management plans. Core costs refer to what is spent on staff and the operations of the organization. Core costs include utilities, rent, salaries, fuel, office supplies, maintenance of office equipment, administrative maintenance and janitorial services.Secondary activities that may qualify for funding include: 
    1. Protected Areas Management and Conservation
    2. Protected Areas Promotion and Development around Protected Areas
    3. Environmental Education and Awareness/Outreach
    4. Community Development around Protected Areas
    Outside of the primary and secondary areas of funding, scholarship assistance in the fields of conservation and natural resource management may also qualify for funding.   
  • Eligibility Criteria +

    General Eligibility Criteria for PACT Funding    

    A project must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for PACT funding. The following eligibility requirements are in addition to the specific eligibility criteria outlined under each grant type section.


    Organizational Eligibility:

    • Registered protected area management non-governmental organizations
    • Registered protected area management community based organizations
    • Government agencies involved in the conservation and management of natural resources
    • Must be registered under the NGO Act of 2000 and in good standing
    • Must have been legally established for at least six months prior to the date of submission of a proposal
    • Must have successfully completed all previous PACT-funded projects
    • Must not have two or more PACT grants of the same type ongoing simultaneously
    • Must rate successful in an organizational capacity assessment

    Project Eligibility:

    • Must fit within one or more of the priority areas - PA Management and Conservation; PA Promotion and Development; Environmental Education and Awareness; Community Development around PAs
    • Must have counterpart funding – in kind or cash or combination of both (amount varies by grant type)
        Must demonstrate mechanisms for sustainability of outputs
          Must demonstrate community involvement throughout the project cycle (as applicable)
        • Must meet maximum grant ceilings and timelines (vary by grant type)

    Ineligible Activities:

    • Funding for private organizations which are organized for profit
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