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PACT Submits USD $4 Million Funding Proposal to the Adaptation Fund for Climate Change adaptation project in Belize.

Belmopan, 21 January 2021.  

The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) is pleased to announce the submission of the  Project Proposal ‘Enhancing the Resilience of Belize’s Coastal Communities to Climate Change Impact’ to the Adaptation Fund for funding consideration at the upcoming 36th sitting of the  Adaptation Fund Board.  

The Project, with a financing request of USD $4 million, aims to increase the climate resilience of  27 coastal communities in Belize by improving coastal land use, habitation, and the long-term  monitoring of climate related coastal impacts through the increase of adaptive capacity and  knowledge transfer. It will be implemented by PACT and executed by the Ministry of Sustainable  Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management via the National Climate Change  Office, and with the participation of several state agencies including the Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute, the Hydrology Department, the Ministry of Housing, and the National  Meteorological Service via four main components:  

  1. Improving Coastal Land Use for Resilient Habitation and Sectoral Activities
  2. Coastal Vulnerability Monitoring  
  3. Beach Stabilization of High-Risk Coastal Areas  
  4. Awareness Raising, Knowledge Dissemination and National Capacity Strengthening  

The PACT thanks all partners that participated in the project development process, especially the  local target communities.



The Adaptation Fund is an international fund, set up under the Kyoto Protocol of the United  Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, that finances projects and programs to help  vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to climate change. 

PACT is accredited by the Fund to serve as its National Implementing Entity for Belize and has a  Climate Finance portfolio which endeavors to unlock new funding streams and build national  capacity for the sustainable management of natural resources, climate change, and biodiversity. 

The Ministry of Finance is the National Designated Authority for the Adaptation Fund in Belize  and is tasked with the endorsement of all country projects submitted to the Fund. 



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