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Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic




November 1, 2018 PACT is pleased to have contributed $5,930.00 towards the “2018 Wildlife Ambassador Workshop” carried out by the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic (BWRC). The goal of the workshop was to improve wildlife conflict response by providing regulatory agencies and other biodiversity stakeholders with the tools and information needed to help in the reduction of poaching, trafficking and trading of wildlife. This workshop had the participation of about 90 individuals from various institutions including various units of the Police Department; the Customs Department, the Transport Department, BDF, Special Forces, BATSUB, BAHA, Belize Fire Department and the Forest Department. Additionally, various interested persons and protected areas co-management organizations including the Belize Audubon Society (BAS), Ya’axche’ and FCD attended the workshop.


This workshop serves as an opportunity for the continuation of the close collaboration between the BWRC, protected area co-management organizations, enforcement and regulatory agencies and other interested parties in exploring the various dimensions of poaching in order to reduce risks and harm. Additionally, through this symposium, the BWRC aimed at establishing a network of community ambassadors comprised of protected areas co-managers and enforcement entities to assist in non-lethal conflict resolution and emergency response to contribute to better management of the National Protected Areas System of Belize.


The workshop concluded with a presentation and message delivered by its Guatemalan counterparts (ARCAS Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association) about the importance of protecting wildlife before illegal trafficking becomes rampant as is the case in neighbouring Central American countries.


PACT congratulates the BWRC and all the workshop participants for their efforts towards protecting biodiversity in Belize.



PACT was formally established in January 1996 with the passing of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust Act, No. 15 of 1995, creating the institution as a Statutory Board. PACT contributes to the effective management of Belize’s National Protected Areas System (NPAS) through strategic partnerships and high impact investments. The PACT is managed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of Government agencies, non-government organizations and individual experts.

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