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Economic Alternative for Sarteneja Lionfish and Seaweed

Beneficiary:         Sarteneja Fishermen Association (SFA)

Funds Awarded:               $60,000.00

Project Location: Sarteneja, Corozal District

Summary:           Sarteneja village gets its name from the Mayan word meaning ‘water between the rocks’.  Situated just along the Chetumal Bay, Sarteneja has a long seafaring history.  The Sarteneja Fishermen Association (SFA) was established in 2007.  It is a community based organization that seeks to protect the reef by providing alternative livelihoods for fisher folk.  This project specifically seeks to create a demand for lionfish, an invasive species, by targeting restaurants and through the creation of lionfish jewelry.  The SFA aims to increase the value of landed lionfish catch for fishers as well as explore seaweed farming as an alternative income earning activity in the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve.

Monitoring and Protection of the Headwaters of Chiquibul Forest

Beneficiary:         Friends for Conservation and Development

Funds Awarded: $199,945.80

Project Location: Chiquibul National Park

Summary:           The headwaters of the Belize River, which originate from within the Chiquibul are being degraded as a result of ongoing illegal gold panning.  The Chiquibul River provides water to roughly 40% of Belize’s population making the conservation and protection of these headwaters very important.  Over the course of a year and a half, the overall goal of this project is to promote the conservation of water resources in the Chiquibul Forest through sustained enforcement, ecosystem monitoring and public outreach and awareness.  A joint enforcement effort will be maintained by Friends for Conservation and Development, Belize Defence Force and police in two southern conservation posts and a nationwide public outreach campaign will be launched on the importance of the Chiquibul watershed.