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Call for Expressions of Interest

Development of a 5-year Investment Policy and Plan

The Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) is inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a consultancy
to develop a 5-year Investment Policy and Plan for the PACT based on an assessment of options for
development of a diversified investment portfolio.

The EOI should include information regarding the competence and experience of the firm relevant to the
assignment. It should also include the names and CVs, detailing relevant experience, of the persons
comprising the firm/team.

Short-listed consultants will be provided with the full Terms of Reference upon Request for Proposals.
EOI should be submitted electronically, no later than 6 August 2018 to:

Executive Director
Protected Areas Conservation Trust
#3 Mango Street, City of Belmopan

Re: Investment Consultancy

For details download full pdf documents below.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Zone Expansion Project

Beneficiary:         Belize Fisheries Department

Funds Awarded: $349,720.00

Project Location: Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Summary:           The Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) was expanded from 55.4 km2 to 414.5 km2 in March 2015 and includes four new zones including a complete no-take zone.  This expansion requires considerable investment to ensure that proper management is undertaken in the areas recently annexed.  This project will be implemented over the course of two years and the overall goal is to build responsible and sustainable management of tourism, fishing and conservation activities under an effective zoning scheme; the aim is to ensure that HCMR is able to maintain its biological integrity while providing tangible economic benefits to buffering communities.

Enhancing the Long-Term Sustainability for Biodiversity Conservation Across Three Renowned Conservation Areas in Belize

Beneficiary:         Belize Audubon Society

Funds Awarded: $399,939.75

Project Location: Community Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and Guanacaste Park

Summary:           This project will be carried out in three protected areas co-managed by the Belize Audubon Society, the: Community Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and Guanacaste National Park.  The following areas have been earmarked as areas that will be improved over the course of the project: increasing management effectiveness in these protected areas by ensuring that management plans are up-to-date and relevant for 2016; the need to engage buffering communities through education and increased economic opportunities; and the need to improve financial sustainability to continue on-site operations.  By the end of the project, management effectiveness of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary will be strengthened and financial sustainability of the three protected areas (CBWS, SHBHNP and GNP) would have improved.

Evaluating the Central American Tapir’s Habitat Use and Movement in Central Belize: A Human Dominated Landscape

Beneficiary:         Celso Poot/ Zoologist (The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Centre)

Funds Awarded: $19,719.02

Grant Type:         Research

Project location: Central Belize District

Summary:           The Central American tapir is currently considered endangered.  As a national symbol, the protection of the tapir is paramount.  This research will assess the movement patterns and habitat selection of tapirs in central Belize within the context of habitat loss as a consequence of population growth and expansion.  Based on the results of the study, this project will ultimately result in the development of management recommendations for a more ‘tapir friendly’ environment where human development, habitat conservation and highway mitigation measures are considered.

Population Density and Health Assessment of Black Howler Monkeys at Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize

Beneficiary:         Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) with Center for Engaged Learning Abroad (CELA) and Animal Management – Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

Funds Awarded: $19,588.28

Grant Type:         Research

Project Location: Community Baboon Sanctuary

Summary:           Like the tapir, the black howler monkey is also considered endangered.  Since the establishment of the Community Baboon Sanctuary, this community led initiative to protect the black howler monkey from extinction has resulted in a steady rise in the population of black howler monkeys in the area.  This research will establish a current population count of howler monkey within the Community Baboon Sanctuary via a complete census count.  It will further assess the health of the monkeys by monitoring for parasites, stress hormone levels and analyzing fecal samples.  These results will contribute towards greater community understanding of the howler monkey species as well as establish decisions for management of the protected area and the monkey population.

Environmental Education and Water Quality Monitoring Management Plan and Business Plan Development for the Billy Barquedier National Park

Beneficiary:         Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association (STACA)

Funds Awarded:               $59,994.60

Project Location: Stann Creek Valley (Valley Community, Steadfast, Alta Vista)

Summary:           The Billy Barquedier National Park is a community based organization that works to protect the natural resources of North Stann Creek and Mullins River Watersheds.  The aim of this project is to implement key components of the Billy Barquedier National Park (BBNP) Management Plan including environmental education, water and biodiversity monitoring and the development of a business plan to address sustainability.  Over the course of the project STACA will work with communities to build community involvement and awareness of the vital role of the national role through an environmental education program as well as complete assessments of the habitat, fish and invertebrates of the Billy Barquedier sub-watershed.

Promoting the Community Baboon Sanctuary as an Eco-Tourism Attraction

Beneficiary:         Community Baboon Sanctuary Women’s Conservation Group

Funds Awarded: $58,389.66

Project Location: Community Baboon Sanctuary (lower Belize River Valley)

Summary:           The Community Baboon Sanctuary Women’s Conservation Group is committed to protecting the habitat of the local howler monkey and promoting the importance of conservation and environmental sensitivity to the communities bordering the sanctuary.  In an effort to improve the sustainability of the Community Baboon Sanctuary, and achieve their mission, this project aims to implement a robust marketing program promoting the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) as an eco-tourism destination allowing for increased revenue for the Belize River Valley Communities.  It will also foster an appreciation for the CBS by community members, particularly youths, through increased education, awareness and other interventions.  It will also help to strengthen current management practices and promote accountability of the sanctuary.